Monday, August 8, 2011

PNoy’s Philippine Development Plan (PDP)

PNoy adopted the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016. The plan sums up the government's s chosen economic direction and defines its strategies and programs for the next six years.

I read PNoys PDP and was enraged of what I found out!

Here it is.
It acknowledges how the large majority of Filipinos have not benefited from economic growth and declares that it aims for ‘inclusive growth’.

It says the problem is largely because of  the following:
  1. inadequate investment (due to insufficient infrastructure and governance lapses) 
  2. inadequate human capital (due to declining education, poor health services and inadequate safety nets).
The PDP 2011-2016 proposes the following:
  1. massive investments in physical infrastructure
  2. fostering business confidence
  3. giving short-term cash outlays 
  4. ensuring transparent and responsive governance
 The essential economic thrust are the following:
  1. stick to the globalization policies implemented over the last decades
  2. deepen and broaden privatization through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) 
  3. selectively implement social protection programs especially conditional cash transfers (CCTs).
Why I am irate of this plan?
  1. Because the socio-economic problem of the Filipino people was simply rooted from inadequate investment and inadequate human capital. This is not the cause of poverty, hunger, joblessness and landlessness of the majority of the Filipino people.
  2. Because the economic and political problem of the Filipino people will be address through infrastructure. This isn't the solution!
  3. Because it still stays on the course of ‘free market’ policies despite the country’s negative experience with these measures.
The PDP is the Aquino government's blueprint to implement its declared "social contract" with the Filipino people. But if you analyze the plan...

The PDP give its stress on public-private partnerships (PPP) seeing that it will substantially address the country’s underdevelopment troubles.

PNoy boasted to have found the magic bullet to the country’s fiscal, infrastructure, jobs and food security problems:
“ Our solution: public-private partnerships.” 
 He further declared:
"We will meet our needs without spending, and we will also earn..our economy will grow and will benefit every Filipino.”
PNoy what are you talking?

The Filipino people are already suffering from excessively high water rates, high power rates,  high MRT/LRT rates and high highway rates from past privatization!

And again in your government your PPP is pushing intensified privatization!
Here are PNoy's 10 Flagship PPPs
  1. Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-Light Rail Transit expansion  to cost P70 billion
  2. MRT Line 2 extension, P11.29 billion
  3. New Bohol airport, P7.54 billion
  4. Puerto Princesa Airport, P4.36 billion
  5. North Luzon Expressway- South Luzon Expressway link, P21 billion
  6. Cavite-Laguna Expressway-Manila side section, P10.5 billion
  7. Daraga International Airport, P3.07 billion
  8. City Terminal for Diosdado Macapagal International Airport
  9. Laguindingan Airport 
  10. Supply of treated bulk water for Metro Manila.
PDP is not for the Filipino people.
PDP is for the big local and foreign capitalists!


  1. I want the Philippines' infrastructure to be world class but at the expense of what? There is always a price to pay but I hope the government will do what's best for the majority of the people and not just for the few and that they will do what's only needed.

  2. Umm, I've been doing a bit of reading for an essay i'm writing, and actually, according to most economic theorists capitalism and more foreign investment seem to be the right fuel for stimulating economic growth...The government's right: poverty is caused by inadequate investment and industrial policies (that hinder job creation for the poor), and inadequate human capital (the lack of social infrastructure to improve quality of life for the poor). The fact that even though we have positive GDP and yet the poor remain poor and the rich remain rich is a different problem though, and I think the gov't should address this as well, since it's been happening for the past few years..

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  4. Fast forward to today, we are still not anywhere better!