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Pest Survey Statistic Counter

OK-TJ1 Pest Survey and Statistic System

The pest survey and statistic system is mainly used in agriculture, forestry and quarantine for pest forecast, report, early-warning and research. It is designed with items such as pest name, gather place, category and quantity, and data about pest survey and statistics can be input and stored at any time, the data can be uploaded to a computer for edition and diagram production, the data of 25 pests can be completed for a record, which achieves the automation and standardization of statistics and analysis.

1. According to the pest items of plants, the category item and kinds can be set.
2. It is designed with color LED display, gather time, place, plant name and statistic method, etc.
3. Data of 100 pests can be recorded one time with accumulated value displayed.
4. It can be hung on the arm (with two hands free) or the neck.
6. It is designed with STC89C52RC serial MCU high-speed chip, data transmission port which makes it easy to connect with computers.
7. The data are available for output, and the pest data can be edited with the formation of figures and tables.
8. It is equipped with special operation software for the pest survey and statistics.
9.  Small size and easy for operation
Pest survey and statistics system OK-TJ1, OK-TJ2 and type:

OK-TJ1   According to the pest item of plants, the category and kind can be set
OK-TJ2   It is designed with GPS for display of latitude and longitude and clock.

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