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Waterborne polyurethane wood coatings
Time:2013年06月09日 Concerned about the number of:104

Waterborne polyurethane coatings have A single-component A single set of two pairs of points and points belong to thermoplastic resin polymer relative molecular mass is dacheng membrane does not occur in the process of two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings by crosslinking convenient construction including NCO based crosslinker (also referred to as part A) and water-based resin containing hydroxyl groups (also called part B) before the construction mix both homogeneous crosslinking reaction during the process of film coating performance is good.
(1) single component waterborne polyurethane coatings
Through crosslinking or composite modified anti-rusty coating to improve the performance to choose raw materials such as polyol polyfunctional degrees more isocyanate and amine such as synthesis of waterborne polyurethane dispersions with crosslinking structure add stated agent such as carbide imine 2 methylene amine and aziridine compounds using thermal activated crosslinking and crosslinking uv light from oxidative crosslinking of epoxy resin and epoxy resin composite, such as higher branched degree is introduced into the main chain of the polyurethane emulsion coating adhesion can be improved on the drying rate of the coating hardness and resistance to water and the compound of polyurethane acrylate high tensile strength and impact strength excellent flexibility and wear-resisting performance and the appearance of the acrylic resin combination of low cost of preparation of high performance low cost - polyurethane acrylate (PUA) hybrid emulsion.
(2) the two-component waterborne polyurethane (WPU) coating
Part A in water in order to improve the dispersion ability often adopt ionic or nonionic hydrophilic or combination of components as the emulsifier but this will reduce the curing agent increased functionality system less hydrophilic coating resistance to water of the recent development of uncle four methyl phenyl isocyanate curing agent, such as partial diisocyanate with trimethylolpropane adduct preparation can not air bubble film to overcome the above defects.
Water-based polyurethane part B usually adopt emulsion polyols (diameter between 0.08-0.5 / m), such as acrylic emulsion polyols with fast drying at room temperature for film cost is low but exists emulsion dispersion coating appearance is not ideal shortcomings, such as poor ability of polyol dispersion size (size is less than 0.08 / m) is called the second generation of water-based acrylic hydroxyl resin including polyester polyols multivariate alcohol and polyurethane polyol, etc to acrylic polymer grafted polyester molecular chain on the preparation of polyester - acrylic hybrid dispersion polyol can improve the hydrolysis resistance of polyester chain which makes the coating has good comprehensive performance of polyurethane polyol dispersion is a two-component polyurethane coating is an ideal hydroxyl component.
Waterborne wood coatings research new direction is mainly manifested in the following aspects depending on the molecular design and polymer molecular tailoring technique in aqueous polymer chains introduced special function structure of the components such as fluoride containing silicon polymer gives versatility to further improve and develop the high performance polymer film frictionless waterborne wood coatings system.

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