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Scientists found in 2.5 light years away form basic material life
Time:2013年06月09日 Concerned about the number of:182

The new network in Zhejiang Province January 17, according to foreign media reports, U.S. scientists said recently that they have recently 250 million light-years from Earth in the galaxy discovered two basic building block of life substance - azomethine molecules and hydrogen cyanate. Both substances can be synthesized amino acids, and amino acids are considered the most primitive life on Earth is to build a "building blocks."

American Astronomical Society January 11 incumbent Texas annual meeting, the famous American astronomer Christoph - Sarthe announced at the meeting that their latest discovery. Christophe - Sarthe said the United States Arecibo Observatory astronomers used the Arecibo in Puerto Rico radio telescope for the first time at a distance of 250 million light years we detected in a galaxy some azomethine molecules and hydrogen cyanide - these two components can be composed of amino acids required for life structure. Combined with water, these molecules can form glycerol this most simple amino acids, the building blocks of life on Earth is built. Astronomers Tapa Xi - Ghosh said: "Our goal is not to find the original one particular molecule, and thus the beginning we did not know what would be the detection results, we just keep searching, only we have made such incredible probe results, which make us all feel very excited. "

American astronomer who studied the distant galaxies focus Arp 220, which is an extremely bright starburst galaxies, would at high speed to form stars. April 2007, astronomers use a diameter of 305 meters of the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope in Arecibo, for the first time to the telescope main spectrometer 800 MHz bandwidth and different frequencies of this distant galaxies carried out a detailed nuanced observations. These molecules are astronomers in the search for a special radio frequency emission process of discovery, because each substance has its own unique radio frequency, just as each person's fingerprint is unique. Now working in the U.S. National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Arecibo astronomer before Emmanuel - Hair Mu Jian said: "The fact is that we can now separated so distant observation of these substances, which indicates that this substance in Arp 220 content must be staggering. This finding is particularly interesting, in the birth of new stars and planets in the galaxy actually there are a lot of ingredients constitutes life. "

Christophe - Sarthe that the Earth about 40 million years ago for the first time in life, simple organisms from space for the emergence of life may be provided preconditions. In some carbonaceous chondrites can be found in sugars and amino acids and other organic matter, scientists speculate that it is these meteorites brought to Earth amino acids and other vital substances generated key. Generally believed that these organisms are formed shortly after the solar system asteroids or comets in the reaction by the formation of liquid water. Scientist Recent studies have shown that organic matter in meteorites is also possible before the formation of the solar system, in the interstellar gas and dust in space produced. From Germany, France and the Netherlands and other countries the research team of scientists, most recently in a laboratory simulation of interstellar dust clouds that may produce a chemical reaction process by evaporation in a vacuum instrument aluminum block with some simple compounds such as water, carbon dioxide, ammonia and methanol, and then irradiated with ultraviolet rays under low temperature conditions, the 16 amino acids found, some of which material is an important component of the human body.

And the other one from the American research team simulated interstellar space environment, vacuum and near absolute zero similar conditions, irradiation with ultraviolet rays of ice and a few simple mixture of organic substances, the results of four amino acids generated. Amino acids are the foundation of life on Earth, but scientists had not yet clear under what conditions the amino acids can be naturally formed and appeared in Earth's early history. Scientists believe that the results of this study show that the amino acids found in meteorites is also possible that interstellar space photochemical reaction products. The reaction of synthetic amino acids may not liquid water.

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