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How to fertilize plants to ensure healthy
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Maintaining appropriate nutrients in plants for healthy plant growth, it is critical, since these nutrients by plants can reduce the various stresses. Sometimes, improper fertilizer can cause harm to plants, and even can cause diseases. Fertilizer solution concentration is determined by measuring the conductivity.

Conductivity meter, also commonly referred to as soluble salinity tester. Both in the irrigation water, fertilizer solution, or planting in the matrix solution, which can be used to determine the concentration of salt ions in solution. However, the conductivity meter can not distinguish between sodium chloride and potassium nitrate, the former would be dangerous plants, which Quedui plant is very useful.

Plant nutrient needs of each varies. Plant for carbon, hydrogen and oxygen demand is the greatest, these elements are usually in the form of water or carbon dioxide absorption by plants. Plants of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur demand is very large, these elements are called macronutrients. Plant for iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, sodium, chloride, tin, molybdenum demand is relatively small, so they are also called trace elements.

pH and plant nutrition is used to measure the pH of the growth medium in solution in water or hydrogen ion concentration. Because the size of the pH value is related to the nutrients can be absorbed by plants, so that the fertilizer or the growth medium the pH of the solution is very important. If the pH value of the plants did not meet the needs of range, nutrients can not be absorbed by plants. But on the other hand, if the nutrients easily absorbed by plants quickly, is likely to lead nutrients caused by some poison.

Nitrogen and potassium in a wide pH range and can be easily absorbed by plants. Phosphorus at pH lower more easily absorbed. However, in the nursery or greenhouse crops, the phosphorus can cause problems not universally observed. Calcium and magnesium in high pH is more easily absorbed. Trace elements (iron, magnesium, boron, zinc and copper) at low pH values is more easily absorbed by plants. At a pH of less than 4, trace toxic to plants caused by the phenomenon is relatively common; at pH higher than 7, the plant micronutrient deficiency symptoms often occur.

Application of a large number of elements nitrogen --- studies show that for most plant species, the applied fertilizer in the nitrogen concentration of 100ppm to 200ppm is the best concentration range. This concentration range is determined by the nature of the loss of liquid fertilizer easy decision. Liquid fertilizer applied regularly at each watering. When the release fertilizers, a small amount of nitrogen is sufficient.

P --- for plant, when using liquid fertilizer, the phosphorus concentration in the range of 5ppm to 15ppm is the most desirable. When the mineral soil pH below 6 or organic soil pH higher than 7 will cause phosphorus deficiency symptoms. Excess phosphorus application on a cloudy day can cause plants to become soft.

Potassium --- In liquid fertilizer, the potassium concentration range should be 25ppm to 75ppm. Many plant uptake of K than the actual demand for many more. When irrigation water is low or no regular potash content of potassium fertilizer to the plant, the plant potassium deficiency symptoms appear. When nitrogen and phosphorus content is high, and should enhance the potassium content, to obtain the most appropriate N: P: K ratio.

When N: P: K ratio of 3:1:2, the plant to reach optimal growth. However, the manual configuration of phosphorus fertilizers often leads to a waste of elements and potassium, this is because the ratio between them is not correct.

Fertilization recommendations: First, only in the case of non-use is not re-application of fertilizer to plants. If the fertilizer applied, should be on the growth medium prior to fertilization of the soluble salt content of the test, it was observed whether the content in an appropriate range. In addition, the cold season, such as the early autumn, the amount of slow-release fertilizer can be reduced to a maximum of half the amount.

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