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Measured soil fertilizer in the soil samples what are the technical requirements
Time:2014年02月09日 Concerned about the number of:107

⑴ sampling unit. To learn more about the sampling before sampling regional soil type, fertility levels and topography and other factors, will Fertilization area is divided into a number of sampling units, each sampling unit of the soil to be as uniform as possible. An average of 100 acres per sampling unit (plain, tideland area 100-500 acres of paddy per sample collected a mix, mountains, Mid-Levels, vegetables, tea and other cash crops per acre adopt a mixed samples 30-80). To facilitate tracking and field demonstration fertilization partition requires sampling centrally located in the center of each sampling unit is relatively typical plots with an area of 1-10 acres.
⑵ sampling time. Or seeding the crop after harvest collected before fertilization, usually in autumn; carry nitrogen fertilizer recommendation, should be dressing before or critical period of crop growth.
⑶ sampling period. The same sampling unit, quarterly, or yearly gathering of inorganic nitrogen 1, or rapid diagnosis of plant nitrogen nutrition; soil available phosphorus, potassium 2-3 years, in trace elements 3-5 years, collecting a second.
⑷ sampling point positioning. Sampling point reference county soil maps, using GPS positioning, recording latitude and longitude, accurate to 0.1. "
⑸ sampling depth. Sampling depth is generally 0-20cm. Or inorganic soil nitrate nitrogen content determination, sampling depth should be based on different crops, different growth stages to determine the depth of the main root distribution.
⑹ number of sampling points. To ensure adequate sampling points, so that representative sampling unit soil characteristics. The number of sampling points for each sample, depending on the size of the sampling unit, the consistency of fertility, are generally preferably 7-20 points.
⑺ sampling line. Sampling should be along a certain line, in accordance with the "random", "equal" and "multi-point hybrid" principle to be sampled. Generally use the S-shaped cloth sampling, better able to overcome tillage, fertilization, etc. caused by errors. Small changes in topography, soil fertility is more homogeneous and smaller sampling unit in the case, may also quincunx sampling distribution, to avoid the roadside, ridge, gutter, and other special parts of the compost pile.
⑻ sampling methods. Each sampling point soil depth and sample volume should be uniform, the upper and lower soil samples to be the same proportion. Sampler buried should be perpendicular to the ground, the same depth. Shovel with soil sampling should shovel out a plow section, and then parallel to the section under the shovel earth; determination of trace elements in soil samples must be sampled with stainless steel.
⑼ sample volume. A mixed soil sample to borrow one kilogram or so (for the recommended fertilization of 0.5 kg, 2 kg for the test), if a large number of mixed samples, the available excess soil quartering discarded. Method is to collect soil samples on a plate or plastic sheeting, crumble, mix, paved square, draw a diagonal soil samples will be divided into four parts, each of the two diagonal merged into one, retaining a discarded copy. If the obtained sample was still a lot, reusable quartering process until the desired number so far.
⑽ sample tag. Collected samples were placed in a uniform sample bag with a pencil to write labels, both inside and outside each one.

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