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Plant Disease Diagnostic Instrument

OK-B11 Plant Disease Tester

I. General: 
Bacillus, epiphyte and virus are main causes which lead to crop diseases. Generally the pathogenic animalcule infect plants through stems, leaves, roots and fruits, most diseases can be prevented and treated early, however, it is uneasy to perceive. Once the disease occurs, it is very difficult to prevent and treatment, besides the effect is so bad, which lead to yield decrease and even failure to harvest. It is very import to prevent and treat the diseases to grasp how to detect and prevent the diseases in early stages. The detection on plant diseases is complex physical and chemical course, all researchers work to develop it from lab to actual application, the plant disease tester researched and developed by Zhengzhou Oukeqi Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd creates a new epoch for pesticide application by farmers, the product can analyze quickly and confirm the kinds of crop diseases, and provide scientific theoretical basis for disease prevention and pesticide application, which bring great convenience to farmers and farm operators.
II. Test Principle: 
According to the biophysics, generally the cytoplasmic membrane potential of healthy plants is about -50mv, the resistance of cytoplasmic membrane is about 105Ω/cm, and the capacitance is kept in 1luf. Once the plant is infected, it must lead to changes of molecular vibration spectrum and rise of cytoplasmic membrane potential, and the inoculation for different germina change as well, based on the principle, the disease type can be distinguished through electric conductance and optical diffraction, the technology is leading around the world.
III. Technical Indices and Work Environment
1. Large screen LED with Chinese character and operation guide
2. Principle:  Determination of super high cold light source reflection
3. Speed Test: single test 60 unit/hour, continuous test 120 units/hour
4. Record type: printing by thermal printer
5.  Display mode: 240X60 lattice LCD
6. Record Paper: thermal printing paper, width: 57mm
7. Work Environment: (1) Work temperature: 0℃-40℃
(2) Relative Humidity: RH≤85%
(3) Far away from interference source as high electromagnetic field and avoid direct sunshine.
8. Power Supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz±2Hz
9. Power: ≤30VA
10. Net Weight: ≤3Kg
11. Injection molding steel shell
IV. Operation Guide
1. Switch on, the product will start self check, and the test slot goes out slowly for testing.
2. Collect plants’ stems, roots and leaves and place into a plastic bowl, which will be 1/3 -1/5 of the bowl.
3. Take a dropper to gather five indicating liquids the same in capacity, and drop into the plastic bowl above, mix averagely and keep 2-3 minutes for observation. 
4. Use clean water to wash the dropper, gather the indicating liquid and a little mixture of plant, and apply on the guide bar evenly, then place it in the test slot with the color bar upward.
5. Press the “Test” key slightly, with a “beep”, the tester will start to test, the test slot and indicating bar move into the instrument slowly, then return and the tester will printer the test results.
V. Result Analysis
★If the test value exceeds the reference value, it is considered normal; if the test value is below the reference value, drugs shall be used.
VI. Drug Guide
The test value is used for reference, the lower test value means that the disease of crops is serious or the plant is weak to grow, insecticide shall be used with foliar fertilizer applied, the use level shall not exceed the limited value of the drum, otherwise, it may lead to chemical injury.
VII. Precautions
1.  Avoid tests under direct sunshine.
2.  Assure electricity safety, and stop to use if the air humidity exceeds 85%.
3.  The product shall be placed in a dry and cool place, covered with dry cloth
4. Test slot and print head shall be kept clean.
VIII. Supporting accessories
1. One set of host computer; 2. Two boxes of test paper; 3. Two fuses; 4. One cable; 5. A roll of paper for printing; 6. Five kinds of indicating liquids
Plant disease testers OK-B10, OK-B11 and types

OK-B10   Testing of epiphyte, virus and bacillus (plastic shell)
OK-B11   Testing of epiphyte, virus and bacillus (steel shell)

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