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Solar Energy Pest Killing Lamp

OK-TS2 Box Solar Energy Pest-Killing Lamp

I. Product Description
The product is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetable, tobacco, storage, wine brewing, garden, fruit parks, urban virescence, aquaculture, especially the fields suffering from cotton bollworms. It can trap and kill many pests in agriculture, forestry, fruit tree and vegetable, such as cotton bollworm, dorbeetle, cutworm, maize borer, fruit sucking moth, cotton leafworm, caterpillar, fall webworm, long-horned beetle and so on totaling 87 categories and 1278kinds.
II. Technical Parameters 
1. Tested by State Plant Protection & Mechanical Quality Supervision Center and meeting GB/T 24689.2-2009
2. Frequency vibration trapping technique
3. Rain control: automatic switch off in raining, and switch on after rain stop.
4. Light control: with the light control sensor sheltered, the strip lamp will switch on, the frequency vibration lamp will be in normal work conditions, remove the shelter, the strip lamps switches off automatically, and the frequency vibration lamps stops working.
5. Trapping light source: frequency vibration strip lamp (wavelength 320~680nm)
6. Control area: 80-100mu
7. Solar energy battery plate power:  ≥40W
8. Accumulator: 24Ah/free from maintenance
9. Supply Voltage: DC12V
10. Insulation Resistance: ≥2.5MΩ
11. Power: ≤35W
12. Service Life: 10-15 years
13. Strip Lamp Starter Time: ≤5s
14. Impact Screen: 5mm, transparent glass plate, impact area: ≥0.15㎡
15. Time control:  10 time periods can be set as per the life habits and rules of pests.
16. Main structure adopts stainless steel, lamp material:  GB32080-92 stainless steel, lamp bracket material: GB3280-80 stainless steel
17. Lamp Size: 650mm×650mm×1950mm
18. Pest Collector Size: 650mm×650mm×1050mm

Frequency vibration pest killing lamps OK-PS1, OK-PS2, OK-TS1, TS2 and types:
OK-PS1   Supply voltage/frequency: 220V/50Hz
OK-PS2   Accumulator capacity: 24Ah
OK-TS1   Solar energy poling style and battery material: single crystal silicon, solar energy battery plate power:  ≥40W
OK-TS2   Solar energy box style and battery material: single crystal silicon, solar energy battery plate power:  ≥40W

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