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OK-SW1+ Soil Moisture Rapid Tester

I. Functions & Features
1. Small size, easy to operate with reliable performance
2. Whole course trace, long record time, integration of data collection and record, data kept in case of power break.
3. Low power consumption designed, a cell for renewal can be used for three months till one year.
4. Time interval for record be set freely from 1m to 100 days (recommend to set minute or more, the service life of cells is proportional to the time interval).
5. LCD with Chinese characters, waiting and sleeping modes. Support storage refresh automatically or by timing..
6. Professional data process, writing protection under low electricity, detection of storage fault, data restored after power break.
7. Flexible and efficient power supply management, and protection against reversed polarity of hardware and internal short circuit.
8. Work with DC power supply, double A battery, solar energy lead-acid cell, USB 5.0V simultaneously.
9. Host computer software will be available free of charge, through which, it is easy to check or output data or figures, Excel format is available for memory. The software components for display of diagrams and curves with one hundred thousand times of zooming, excellent in the display of curve trend and data details.
10. Communication of collectors can be configured flexibly, except USB (UART), it receives the customizing of RS485 communication.
11. Applicable Scope: it can be widely used in weather station, greenhouse, plant incubators, lab, cultivation houses and so on for environment monitoring.
12. Display of ambient temperature and humidity
13. Soil original soil sensor, buried into soil directly to test for results
14. GPS locator: precise time and position, display of longitude and altitude
II. Technical Parameters
1. Humidity range: 0~100%
2. Type: Soil moisture
3. Precision: ±3%
4. Principle: FDR frequency domain (100MHZ)
5. Humidity resolution: 0.1%
6. Measure Method: Insert or buried
7. Average Power Consumption: <0.5mA (Storage interval: 60s)
8. Record Capacity: 524280 pcs
9.  Channel: 1 (expanded to 15)
10. Record Interval: 1 minute -100 days, free to set
11. Data Interface: USB2.0, host computer software free of charge
12. Power Supply: Battery 9V, USB5.0V (default); 220V urban electricity (expandable, able to use together)
14. Cable: National Standard shielding conductor: 2m  (standard)
15. Temperature: -40℃~120℃
16. Precision: ±0.2℃
17. Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃
18. Temperature probe cable: 2m long (standard)
19. Salt test range: 0.00~20.00ms/cm
20. Precision: EC±2℅
21. GPS locator: error less than 10m
III. Technical Parameters of OK-100 Soil Moisture Probe 
1. Measure Range: 0~100%
2. Signature Output:  0~2V
3. Humidity Resolution: 0.1%
4. Precision: ±3%
5. Stable Time: 2 s
6. Work Temperature: -40℃~80℃
7. Probe Length: 6cm; Probe Diameter: 3mm
8. Probe Material: Stainless steel (electroanalysis resistance)
9. Sealing Material: Epoxy Resin (black and fire retardation)
IV. Apparatus & Instruments
1 portable suitcase, 1 soil moisture sensor, 1 soil original salt sensor, GPS location system, 1 soil moisture recorder, 1 set of hand lever, 1 cable, 1 computer system disk, and 1 manual.
Soil moisture (soil moisture status) tester, OK-S3, OK-S1, OK-SW1, OK-SW1+, OK-S2, OK-S4, OK-S6 and types

OK-S3    Soil moisture (moisture status), temperature
OK-S1    The same as S1, able to test salt with salt sensor
OK-SW1  The same as SW1, display longitude and attitude, with GPS
OK-SW1+  The same as SW1+, able to test wind speed, direction and rain fall, etc
OK-S2    The same as SW1, able to expand to 6 temperature and 6 humidity, with 1 six-channel concentrator
OK-S4    The same as SW1, able to expand to 6 temperature and 6 humidity, with 1 six-channel concentrator
OK-S6    The same as SW1, able to expand to 64 temperature and 64 humidity, with 1 sixty four-channel concentrator



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