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OK-BZ1 Portable Spore Arrestor

The spore protection and control area will provide reliable data for the research of pathology. With various pollens collected, it can meet the research of users, and it is used to test the floatage in the area.   
Characterized of small volume and easy movement, it makes it easy for workers to sample in non-appointed areas and monitor the spores movably. 
Technical parameters
1. Comply with GB/T 24689.3-2009 Plant Protection Machine Spore Arrestor Standard
2. Compatible with ATCSP Pest Monitoring and Prevention System
3. Power: ≤5W
4. Work Pressure: DC12V(DC 3-12 V
5. Wind Speed at Air Inlet: 0.3m/s~5m/s
6. Insulation Resistance: ≥2.5MΩ
7. Instrument Size: Φ280*450mm5
8.  Ground Slide Spec: Length: 76.2mm; Width: 25.4mm; Thickness: 1-1.2mm;
8.  Service Life: 5 years
9. Main Structure is made of stainless materials, complying with GB/T4237
Spore arrestor: OK-BZ1, OK-BZ2, OK-BZ3 and types
OK-BZ1   Portable: Power: ≤5W, Voltage: 12V
OK-BZ2   Truck mounted: Power: ≤5W, Voltage: 12V
OK-BZ3   Fixed type: Power: 180W, Voltage: 220V

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