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OK-A6Soil Fertilizer Nutrient Rapid Tester

I. Performance and Features
1. Mini-processor, digital circuit, programming design, SCM control, touch key and LED display
2. AC/DC (vehicle-carried), inlaid lithium cell, automatic charge and power break.
3. Inlaid thermal printer, store and printer results, customize the contents to be printed
4. It adopts high-luminance LED lamp as light source, silicon semiconductor as signal receiving system, service life: 100,000 hours.
5. Cassette unit adopts double light paths structure to avoid the system errors arising in different channels.
6. Work stability is 6 times of indices described in national standard JJG179-90, and the repeatability reaches the indices of grating spectrophotometer.
7. Professional fertilization system
a. Professional fertilization guides for over 70 crops, able to add, complement or renew crop kinds, indices, fertilizer indices, etc, and the crops applicable are not limited.
b. As per crop kinds, soil content, fertilizer content, fertilizer price, it can recommend the optimal fertilization plans, over 1000 records can be kept and without limit to save and print the fertilization advice.
c. Able to print: test day, time, client’s name, soil No., soil type, crop kind, soil content, fertilizer kind, fertilizer price, fertilization, etc which are given in details.
II. Test Items
1. Nitrogen, phosphor, kalium, organic matter and alkalinity acidity (test paper method) in soil, fertilizer and plants.
2. Microelements such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, boron, chlorine and silicon in soil and moisture in water (combustion method).
III. Technical Parameters
1. Range and resolution: 0.001-9999
2. Stability: Drift within 3 minutes: less than 0.003
3. Linear error: less than 0.003
4. Repeatability error: less than 0.005
5. Sensitivity: Red light ≥4.5 ×10-5   blue light ≥3.17×10-3
6. Wave length: Red light 620±4nm   blue light 440±4nm
7. Moisture unit: % (m3/m3) moisture test scope: 0-100﹪ precision: ±2﹪
8. PH value (alkalinity acidity) measurement & technical parameters (optional)
(1) Measurement scope: 1-14
(2) Error: ±0.1
9. Sault (conductivity) measurement & technical parameters (optional)
(1) Measurement scope: 0.01%~1.00%
(2) Relative Error: ±5%
10. Power supply used in the device
a. AC: 180V~240V, 50Hz
b. DC: 12V, 5W (vehicle-carried)
c. Lithium cell: 12V, 5000MA
11. One-off joint lixiviation of Nitrogen, phosphor and kalium
12. Speed test: specimen test (N, P,K) ≤30 minutes (including treatment time)
13. Five-specimen tests ≤50 minutes (including treatment time)
14. Light path: Double
15. Shake resistance: Qualified (the technical parameters above all excelled national standards)
IV. Simple for Operation
Complete sets: integrating drug, instrument and apparatus, easy to carry, like a small lab, inlaid lithium cell, automatic charge, power break for tests in situ, movable service. Medicament bottles are available if opened, and it assures the quick test and low cost (0.7 yuan only for one nutrient test such as N, P, K).
V. Configuration (one aluminum alloy password box: size: 41×32×18cm, weight: 4.7lg)
Colorimetric ware, sucker, drugs, filter paper, absorption ball, cylinder, horn scoop, aluminum box, reaction bulb, 220V cables, 12V cables (vehicle loading).
Common type: Soil (fertilizer) nutrient tester OK-A2, OK-A4 and OK-A6 and types:
OK-A2    Able to measure nitrogen, phosphor, kalium, organic matters in soil, fertilizer and plants, and calcium, magnesium, suphur, boron, chlorine and silicon
OK-A4    All A2 functions, inlaid thermal printer, storage of printing results
OK-A6    All A4 functions with expert fertilizer software provided

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