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Company Profile

Zhengzhou Oukeqi Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a high-tech industrial enterprise filed at National Development and Reform Commission, approved by Environmental Protection Agency and incorporated in the administration for industry and commerce. And it has professional qualifications for the R&D, production and sales of agricultural apparatus & instruments such as soil, fertilizer, pesticide residue and plants, meanwhile, it has been awarded many inventory patents, and the products succeeded successfully in projects of governmental procurement. It has passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality System Certification, and it belongs to the level AAA credit enterprise in the country.
Following the tenet “Practical, Innovative, Pursuit of Excellence” and aiming clients’ demand with the idea of good faith operation and unceasing innovation, the company, on the basis of thick R&D strength, rich experience in practice, continues to develop and perfect technologies such as soil fertilizer nutrient testers, soil moisture testers, pesticide residue testers, plant disease diagnosis systems, etc. as well as the R&D and production of pest forecast lamps, pest killing lamps, sport arrestors, pest survey and statistic systems and the like. We have been tracing the latest advanced technologies and apparatus at home and abroad, insists on unceasing innovation so as to push the first-class new technologies and products in time.
After our products are sold in markets, relying on the high price-performance ratio, simple operation, reliable quality and perfect after sale service, the products are popular in most clients. Currently based on the domestic markets, the products have been sold to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on.
Operation Ideal:

Practical, Innovative, Pursuit of Excellence, Professional and Keep improving, Good Faith, Client First 


Devotion to the development of agricultural apparatus and create the first brand of agricultural apparatus in China

Service Ideal:

Meet clients’ demand, create value for satisfy clients with the most professional team, the exquisite technologies and quality service

Value Ideal:

Moral, Qualification, Agricultural Base, Contribution

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